Pendo Installation

Mar. 2, 2022 – Oct. 5, 2023

Photo by Trey Thomas

at Pendo HQ — Raleigh, NC

Artsuite proudly presents an 18 month installation of David Molesky’s nearly 18 foot wide painting — “Electric Water Lilies” in the Pendo building of downtown Raleigh at 301 Hillsborough.

This is the largest work from Molesky’s series of abstracts that draw inspiration from what the critic Harold Rosenberg coined as Action Painting, a term that encompasses the likes of Jackson Pollock, Helen Frankenthaller, and Sam Francis.

Action painting is often created in a large format with the canvases worked in a horizontal position often laid upon the ground. Artists working in this method use a variety of unconventional approaches uncommon to more traditional easel painting. Raw canvas is stained with dilute color and thick gobs of paint are poured, dripped, or applied sometimes with mops or syringes instead of brushes.

Originally painted in 1999, this painting was first exhibited (while the paint was still drying) at the Worth Ryder Gallery in Kroeber Hall at the University of California at Berkeley a few floors below where it had been created. The painting was next exhibited at Artspace 712 in San Francisco in 2011 and featured in the Protean Dreams exhibition catalogue. The painting’s fourth installation will take place November 2023 at the re-opening of Vivian Howard’s award winning restaurant Chef & Farmer in Kinston, NC.

Photos Pendo_01-12 by @treythomasphotography

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