Dog Hallow, oil on linen, 32x32 inches, private collection Washington, DC
Alder Lake, oil on panel, 15x24 inches
Waterfall Wander, oil on linen, 34x42 inches, private collection North Carolina
Turbulent Mirror - Blue Fish Cove, oil on canvas, 72 x 72 in, 183 x 183 cm - private collection Munich, Germany
Flipping Saucers Over Esja, 2010 - oil on canvas, 31 x 42 in, 80 x 105 cm, Private collection - Virginia
Tsunamostratus, oil on canvas, 30x48 inches, private collection Iceland
Southbound Junction, oil on canvas, private collection Germany
Bernal Twilight, oil on canvas, 30x40 inches, private collection Iceland
SF Dawn, oil on linen, 24x40 inches, private collection California
Sunburst, oil on linen, 26x35 inches, collection of Joel Barish
On a Detour from Valhalla, oil on linen, 58x45 inches, collection of Sheldon Donig
Ogrodzeniec, oil on linen, 22x29 inches
Landscape with Girl Falling Off a Bicycle, oil on canvas, 18x24 inches, private collection Germany
Elkman, oil on linen, 7x9 inches
Hestar, oil on linen, 30x32 inches, collection of William Gilmartin