Bananas in Space

Autumn, 2023

Digital mockup of a banana looking at “Aparche” on the moon with the Peregrin Lunar Lander

in the Lunar Codex — Earth’s Moon

My first banana painting, “Aparche,” is on its way to the Moon! The Peregrin Lunar Lander will soon deliver its image included with a payload organized by Dr. Samuel Peralta. “This is the largest, most global project to launch cultural works into space,” Peralta says to the NYTimes.

The information is etched into a nickel-based NanoFiche (below) — a storage media that can withstand electromagnetic radiation, high heat, extreme cold and other elements.

Peralta had originally curated my painting into an exhibition in 2018 titled “Chronicles of a Future Foretold,” possibly foretelling the pandemic and Maurizo Cattelan’s conceptual sculpture with a duct-taped banana.

Images from New York Times – A Time Capsule of Human Creativity, Stored in the Sky

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